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Many of us no longer consider ourselves associated with either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party we are however Americans, concerned Americans. For too long we have voted for the lesser of two evils (Republican or Democrat candidates) and have been highly disappointed. It appears that our worst fears about politicians are all too true. A majority of Americans distrust politicians almost as much as they distrust Lawyers (sorry to my lawyer friends), if not more. Fact is many of the politicians are Lawyers! It is for this reason so many ?Tea Party? movements were started. Let me be clear here; President G. W. Bush enlarged government as well as President B. H. Obama, they both raided the public coffers and added to the national deficit, neither listened to the American people. Our fight is not against any one man who happens to be the executive of our country; our fight is against those who would destroy the Republic given to us by our founding fathers. The fight my friends is to preserve the American Dream, The Constitution, The Future of our Children, The America so many flock to in order to escape the stagnant and tyrannical countries from which they come. We are here to give you the information you need for the fight. We are here to get you the truth no matter what. The Main Stream Media (MSM) has failed to do the in depth reporting it was meant to so we monitor alternative media and government sites to try and get the truth of whats important to you. Please join our cause, lend a hand, and preserve your rights as one of the ?People of Liberty?.

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