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The Midsouth Tea Party is a non-partisan organization of grassroots citizens from Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, and the surrounding Mid-South area. It was born out of a concern that the peoples government is shifting away from adherence to the United States Constitution and moving toward the implementation of failed Statist, Socialist and Centralist policies. OUR GOVERNING VISION is the reestablishment of government of the people, by the people, for the people as defined in the United States Constitution and espoused in the principles set forth by The Declaration of Independence. WE VALUE 1. Local, State, and Federal government that: *Is limited in its power, scope, and size *Is financially responsible and limited in ability to tax and spend the people's money *Supports, promotes, and defends OUR national sovereignty, individual liberty, religious freedom, free markets, energy independence and strong national defense *Governs with the consent of the governed and strictly adheres to the United States Constitution and the ?Rule of Law?. 2. Citizens that: *Exercise civic responsibility to hold local, state and federal elected officials accountable for executive, legislative and judicial decisions *Exercise civic authority by directing their local, state and federal officials to preserve our constitutional form of self governance.

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