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CHARTER of the BABYLON TEA PARTY We the people of the United States, who are qualified voters and citizens of the United States of America, support a more accountable, fiscally responsible, and small government. We hold the U.S. constitution as a guide to whether we support or oppose all laws and pending legislation on all levels of government. We do hereby adopt this charter and pledge ourselves... to be governed by its provisions. 1. Name - The name of this organization shall be the Babylon TEA Party. 2. Purpose - The purpose of this organization is to promote responsible, financially conservative, and accountable government at all levels. We will endorse candidates and positions in support of that goal. We will take such other prudent actions as further that purpose. 3. Membership - The powers of the membership of this organization are those necessary to fulfill its purpose. Except as delegated to the Executive Committee, the powers of this organization are vested in the membership meeting called and conducted as provided in this Constitution and By-laws. Membership is open to all qualified voters of the State of New York. A member in good standing is one who has been accepted as a member and whose dues are current. The membership is authorized to elect its Officers and require them to carry out their duties. The membership shall approve or terminate any relationship with any other political, community action, or governmental organization. Such approval or termination shall require a two-thirds majority vote. 4. Party Affiliation - This organization is not affiliated with, or responsible to, any other organization. It acknowledges no interdependency except a commonality of goals and ideals. 5. Officers - At its annual meeting, the organization shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, who will serve both the membership and the Executive Board in their several capacities. Officers shall serve until the next annual meeting, or until a successor is elected. All officers shall be members in good standing of the organization. All officers shall be qualified voters of the Town of Babylon. If any of them ceases to be such, that office shall be at once declared vacant by the Executive Board, which shall fill the vacancy for the unexipired term. 6. Executive Board - The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the organization, and not more than five (5) members in good standing of the organization. It shall be responsible for the on-going operation of the organization. If any member of the Executive Board ceases to be a member in good standing of the organization, the Executive Board shall at once declare that position vacant. The Executive Board may appoint any member in good standing to the board to fill a vacancy. The Executive Board shall appoint such committees as are necessary to carry out the business of the organization. 7. Committees ? The Executive Board may appoint such committees as will accomplish the purposes of the organization. Membership in the committees may include non- members of the organization, however such committee members will have voice, but not vote, in the business of that committee. The Chairman of the organization will be an ex-officio member of all committees. 8. Membership Meetings - The annual meeting of the organization shall be held at a time and place to be stated in the by-laws. Special organizational meetings may be called by the Chairman or the Executive Board or by written request of ten (10) percent of the members in good standing. Twenty (20) members, or a majority of members in good standing, whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum. Roberts Rules of Order, shall be the guiding parliamentary law of this organization. Proxy and absentee voting shall not be permitted in the transaction of any business of the organization. All actions by the organization shall be by majority vote of those present except as otherwise provided in this constitution 9. Discipline of members - Any member who acts in a manner detrimental to the organization, or whose dues are more than six month delinquent may be removed from the roles of the organization by the Executive Board. Such member shall be given written notification prior to removal from the role of the organization. Appeal to the decision to remove a member from the roles may be appealed to the membership at the annual meeting, such request being in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Pending such appeal, the member may not vote or hold office, but is permitted to attend any membership meeting. 10. By Laws - The Organization may adapt By-laws. No by-law may conflict with this charter. By-laws may be adopted or amended at any legally called meeting of the organization with a quorum present by a majority vote of those members in good standing present and voting. 11. Amendments- Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by at least five (5) voting members or by the Executive Board Provided that such proposal is presented to the Executive Board at least sixty (60) days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered. A proposed amendment to this constitution shall be approved at a properly called meeting of the membership by a majority of those present and voting, and be ratified without change at the next annual meeting by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. Adopted on January 08, 2012 Edward R. Blankenhorn, Jr. Kevin Sabella, Jr. Secretary Chairman Charles M. Foell Vice Chairman

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