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The Tea Party of Olean NY and the surrounding towns of Portville, Allegheny and Cattaraugus County. Tired of being ignored and over taxed by politicians that care nothing about you? Stop complaining while doing nothing and start making sure the politicians know what's important to us. In Cattaraugus our taxes are insane and in Olean they're out of control and for what? What does 4.8% property tax get the average working person here? Are our streets in Olean or your town in at least B+ condition or covered with potholes? In California the property tax is 1% and trust me the roads are great, clean sidewalks and flowers everywhere and with only 1% property tax. Where is the money going and why. It's time to find out and make sure the mayor and city council fights for the working men and women not just the people on welfare that vote the politicians in every election. Fight with fellow conservatives and lets stop complaining and start acting like our four fathers and fight the taxation without representation.

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