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This is a group of local activists from Lewiston, Maine whose main goal is to spread the message of the liberty movement. The Tea Party Patriots' mission is to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. We welcome all people who are passionate about freedom from all ideological and political backgrounds to join us in solidarity to restore America and the principles we were built on. This is a grassroots organization. We will focus on public outreach in our community to spread our message via rallies, events, demonstrations, and meetings to make people aware of the corruption that's taking place in our government. We will encourage members of our community to take part in this movement and join the millions of Americans who are fed up and taking action. We will strive to remind people how precious our liberty is and how important it is to protect our Constitution. Our government has gotten too big and it is We The People's duty to fight for our freedoms before it's too late.

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