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Our mission is to promote: Constitutional government. Original intent of the Framers of the Constitution. Limited (Federal) government Separation of powers (Judiciary not legislating, etc.). Economic Freedom: Free enterprise and equal opportunity. Social Security Reform -- to achieve financial independence, not dependence. Profit as an economic incentive Traditional values: Family as the basic building block of society. Sanctity of life. Religious liberty, not restraint of religious speech. We are formed to counter the attacks of anti-conservative groups on patriotic candidates as well as attacks on the important issues of our day ? those that affect the core of our society: the family, marriage, the economy, energy, abortion, health care and foreign policy, to name just a few. We also work to keep our constituents and the media informed about what our founding fathers intentions were and how history shapes laws and our culture today. Through seminars, workshops, ad campaigns, leadership and grassroots training and educational materials, strives to motivate, activate and educate those who are interested in keeping America the great nation it has always been.

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