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The Tea Party of the Bronx Central Bronx Chapter meets the first Friday of every month at 7 PM at 943 Morris Park Ave in the Bronx. Our next meeting will be on Friday April 11,2014 Refer to our main web site: for more information. Our congress should enact laws which reflect the economic interest of the American People. The manufacturing jobs which have gone overseas must be brought back to the United States. The service jobs which have been outsourced must also be returned to our country. The jobs now held by illegal aliens must be given back to American citizens. Congress must enact laws which will restore America to it's former position as the world's largest manufacturing economy. A firm starting a new manufacturing activity should be exempt from corporate taxes for the first five years or should receive tax credits large enough to eliminate any tax payments for the same time interval. A manufacturing firm exporting it's product should receive subsidies so it's product will sell cheaper in foreign countries. Foreign imports should pay very high import duties to protect American manufacturers and American jobs. Firms outsourcing American service jobs should be penalized with very high taxes to compel them to bring the jobs back to America. We must demand that the government enforce existing laws which prohibit employment of illegal aliens. There should be widespread audits of firms to see that they are obeying these laws and heavy penalties to compel them to fire the aliens and to rehire Americans. Aliens should receive no entitlements. Children born to illegal immigrents should not receive American citizenship. We must demand that existing laws to protect our borders be enforced. Presidents who knowingly refuse to enforce our laws should be impeached. A fence should be built on our Mexican border from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Any alien indicted for any crime should be deported immeditately. Restore American greatness. We should have the largest, most prosperous economy in the world. Every American should be able to obtain a good job. Restore American science to make America the world's leader. Strengthen and modernize America's military to give America an unchallenged deterent capability. Do not retire our space shuttles. We should develope new rockets to colonize the moon and mars, but we should continue to use our space shuttles until the replacement rockets are in operation.

Meeting Location

943 Morris Park Ave in the Bronx

Meeting Schedule

April 11, 2014


We will show the film OCCUPY UNMASKED at our 4/11/14 meeting. The film is produced by David Bossie and Citizens United and explains the real agenda of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The film is narrated by Andrew Breitbart and Davidn Horowitz and features William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many others.

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