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A community that is committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded! What We Believe: Conservative Leadership starts in our local communities, not Washington D.C. With the right training and education, local citizens can become effective implementers of freedom. Individual liberty will only be achieved through limited government and free markets. In God We Trust We have a system that entirely is based on the belief that there is a God to Whom We are morally accountable. Otherwise Liberty does Not Work. You either have a people who believe in accountability to God or there will be an accountability to The State. As Secularism Increases The State Increases. The Religious believe people can be good if there is accountability to God. But if there is no God to be morally accountability to, you better be accountable to the State. So the State takes over where Religion has Abandon. The Left wants to Remove God as to the Accountable-to Party and you make the Government in Lieu of God. God is essential to the American Experiment. It Can Not Work Without God. We don?t demand that people believe in God, but we do demand that Americans understand that the American Experiment is impossible if God is Removed. It is God, Liberty and E pluribus unum that?s exceptional. We were raised on the belief that we take care of ourselves and our fellow human beings our Parents, our Children, our neighbors. The notion that ?the state will take care of me? is indeed UnAmerican. It is a Bad Idea It Doesn?t Raise Good People.

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