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OUR MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission is to keep all elected or appointed officials accountable to the citizens,to encourage citizens of like minds to reunite the conservative base of Independent,Republican, and Libertarian Voters. Our Mission is to become once again a self-reliant nation governed by our Constitution with a small government, and individual freedoms. Our Mission Is To Take Back Our Nation By Following These Principle. We The American Citizens Have a Constitutional Right To Question & Challenge Our Elected Officials.To Demand Fiscal Responsibilities-Lower Taxes-Less intrusive Smaller Government-Free Markets-Personal Freedoms-with a Strong National Defense-and National Sovereignty. "OUR PLEDGE " All activities of our Tea Party organization must be guided by the principles set forth within The Constitution of The United States of America. ********** It is time for this generation take a stand against oppression from the Progressive, Socialist living under the flag of democracy within THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA *** YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY JOINING OUR TEAM OF PATRIOTS. CLICK BELOW ON THE CONTACT LINK. ----------------------------------------------- OUR TRACK RECORD; We are currently known as CFBG "Citizens For Fair And Balanced Government" a PAC that was founded in 2003 by Alex Mavrakos. We have been in 30 town wide battles with local Town issues including , school unions, Selectmen, zoning boards, public property transfers,debt exclusions,waterfront development,trash fees,uncovering 1.6 million is excessive school spending,defeated 5 of 6 overrides, got out 86% of the registered voters to defeat 5 of 6 overrides by a margin from 52% to 85%, lost the last override by 1.5%, were responsible for the termination of 3/3 Selectmen over 5 years, were responsible for changing the towns government from Town Meeting to a Council, increasing their efficiency of operation. We were interview by all local news papers and media, including the Boston Globe, Herald, Channel 4-5-7- local Fox and Sports Illustrated because of the controversy over the potential loss of sports in Winthrop. Alex Mavrakos

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