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This is the Tea Party movement for Spartanburg County. Where you can get the inside scoop on ALL candidates because we know you are here because you are smart enough to figure it out if someone will just present it fairly. Endorsements are NOT FOR SALE here ? candidates need not apply for them! Now, about you: It is not up to us to spoon-feed you and tell you what to do and who to support. You have an obligation, as a citizen of this country and this state to do your due diligence in pursuit of the truth before you cast your vote. If you have the time and energy after digging through all the political mud, then work with the candidate who best represents you and help them get elected. All levels of help and donations are helpful. Dont ever think your $5 or $10 doesnt matter because it really does. Dont think only one or two afternoons canvassing neighborhoods to pass out materials doesnt really help, because it does. Dont think that just placing a sign on your front lawn is no big deal, because it is. It is time to get motivated and transform this Tea Party Movement into Tea Party Action!!

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