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Honoring our Native American Indians Their Land was stolen, must their Identities be stolen as well? A Seed is Sacred, it contains the Future! J.A.H. Volunteer; Yes, please Volunteer now. We desire all Nations of this Western Hemisphere to amend their Constitutions to include the Treaty of Destiny aka Treaty of Respect.Please contact the Organization of American States, let them know your thoughts and feelings on the Treaty of Destiny amendment, an amendment for all National Constitutions! Thursday June 24, 2010 11:50PM We the People declare this Treaty of Respect, as in 1907 a Woman and Mother declared Mothers Day. She did not seek a Mayor, Governor, President, Queen nor King to declare it, so it is true, We the People declare this and God Bless our Native American Indians of the Western Hemisphere. We the People stand by, venerate and respect them. We so desire that all organizations and People raise the awareness of this most important Treaty of Respect. We need your help by emailing some of the organizations listed here: The Boy and Girl Scouts of America, National Geographic Society, Organization of American States,{ We respectfully ask you to urge all Nations to amend their respected Constitutions to include this Treaty of Respect } Please contact Civic organizations and your Family, Friends and Associates. Please E-mail all today. Do this as a service to our Native American Indians, our Root People; our Outstanding People!

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