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It was almost one year ago to date, that myself and Americans across the Country were sitting in their living rooms yelling at their TV sets in frustration. First because of a vote in favor of a $700 Billion bailout, under Bush. And then a $787 billion dollar Stimulus package, under Obama. Then continued spending for Omnibus, cap & trade, Cash for clunkers, and so on and so on! We the People of Lackawanna county, Northeast Pennsylvania, and Across America, were fed up with this out of control spending, as well as the biased MSM not reporting on our anger over it. Until, that is, Rick Santelli's Rant heard round the world! No longer are we sitting in front of our TV sets yelling! No longer are we feeling all alone in our frustration! We have joined Americans from across the Country through a Grassroots movement called the "Tea Party" which is like none other! Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, etc. have made their voices heard and proclaimed that we are not going to take it anymore! Since the media wouldn't report it, we were forced to "take it to the streets" and proclaimed it loud and clear! We even Marched on Washington, almost 2 Million of us!

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