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We are looking for all Tea Party sympathizers in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas who are sick and tired of complaining about government and want to do something about it. We will be meeting up at local parks, beaches, restaurants etc. meting great new people and will be discussing how to "Be the change that we want to see in the world" as Mahatma Gandhi stated. We will be doing educational video viewing, potlucks, learning seminars and so much more. Our group is a diverse set of Classical Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives, and anyone else who would like to be a difference maker in their City, State or the Country. We are looking for people of all ages who have a passion for their Country, that believe America is becoming less free every year and who want to hold our elected officials accountable and make them submit to the will of the people. Our long term goals are to repeal the new Health Care Mandate, repeal the (so-called) Patriot Act, decriminalize drugs, restore Posse Comitatus and Elect Representatives who know and revere our founding documents. In the short term, we will support elected officials who want small government and who do not vote for $$$ for their district (pork) or take large contributions from lobbyists. We are also concerned about electing Sheriff's who are strong constitutionalists and who will not adhere to any federal law that we view as unconstitutional or an illegal act. We want to educate our City council leaders and neighbors of their rights protected by the constitution. We want to get rid of dangerous things that hurt our communities like the fluoridation of water and the industrial waste leaking into our rivers and estuaries.

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