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The Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots started on Saturday 4-14-09 with a Tea Party Rally with over 200 attendees held onsite at the Chumuckla Farmers Opry in Chumuckla Community of Pace, FL. with our Congressman Jeff Miller of the 1st Congressional District of Florida, as well as local officals & decorated Military Veterans as speakers, and BBQ, and patriotic music. We had another Tea Party & Independence Rally on 7-4-09 with 250 attendees with author & Conservative scholar & legal activist, Ms. Cynthia Dunbar, author of "One Nation Under God, How the left is erasing what made America Great", as well as local officials & Military Veteran speakers, Catfish Dinner & patriotic music. WE have held a few road side sign wavings/protests and a single protest in front of our local ABC afiliate in Pensacola, FL. We have recently held several meetings with the last one on 8-9-10 as a "Voter=County Candidate Forum". Our Next meeting is a "Voter=State/Federal Candidate Forum" scheduled for Monday 8-16-10 @ 6:00pm at the "Red Barn BBQ Restaraunt" on US Hwy 90 east in Milton, FL. RSVP @ Our next general meeting will be 9-13-10.

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