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AT THE CLOSE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence. Franklin replied, ?A republic, if you can keep it.? WE THE PEOPLE of the Riverside Tea Party Patriots, are a nonpartisan, grassroots group of patriotic American citizens concerned about the welfare and future of the great Republic our Founding Fathers created and scores of Americans sacrificed, fought and died for, protecting and defending it for us and future generations. Therefore we are pledged to: 1.) Educate ourselves and become knowledgeable about the Constitution of the United States and the Republic our Founding Fathers intended so we can teach others. 2.) Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. 3.) Work to minimize government and promote fiscal responsibility. 4.) Protect, preserve, and expand the People's (Proposition) Initiative Process. 5.) Identify, research, and advocate solutions to political/government problems. 6.) Make all government transparent and accountable to the people. 7.) Promote the enactment the 28th Amendment: Congress shall pass no law that doesn't apply equally to them. 8.) Remain a government watchdog. 9.) Enjoy the greater liberty, more freedom, and the pursuit of happiness! If you are interested in joining the Riverside Tea Party Patriots, please email Rodney Spooner at

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