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PONTE VEDRA BEACH CONSERVATIVE WOMEN GROUP'S MISSION I. To provide grass-roots efforts to campaigns of conservative candidates during election years. Efforts include: voter registration, telephone calls, precinct walking, attendance at special events, distribution of campaign materials, announcement of candidate events. II. To maintain vigilance on legislation and elected officials at the county, state, and federal levels. This is done by: A. Maintaining a website: B. Sending weekly newsletter to members who in turn send to their Email groups. C. Events for bringing elected officials to speak and communicate with constituents. In addition, we will bring speakers on special conservative topics. III. To maintain continuity and fellowship among members during non-election years. A special event will be offered in the Fall for all members to exchange ideas in a relaxed setting. Membership is free of charge. Events will offer a cash bar and/or pot luck style food.

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