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Sarah Palin Event in Missouri ? May 1, 2010 Sarah Palin, the former Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and Governor of Alaska will appear in Independence, Missouri on Saturday, May 1 at the Independence Events Center. Governor Palin will be the keynote speaker at a conference entitled ?Winning America Back? sponsored by Preserving American Liberty. ?Winning America Back? is a one-day conference that is highlighting conservative education and activism on the grassroots level. We are deeply concerned about the direction our country is headed, especially given Washingtons constant impulse to spend more and more of our hard earned tax dollars and the terrible health care reform bill that was just signed into law. This event is a rallying call to bring together conservatives to discuss real solutions and help make a positive impact for our country. Please join Sarah Palin on May 1 as we focus on the economy, jobs, health care reform, the growing federal deficit, national security, and the importance for conservatives to broaden their message to all walks of life, especially minority communities. To find out more about this event and how to buy your tickets to see Sarah Palin, please visit

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