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The Patriots of South County (not to be confused with RI Tea Party activities) are an independent group of concerned citizens who believe in and actively promote preservation of the U.S. Constitution. We envision a return to a government by the people and for the people. The CORE VALUES of our group are a Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, a Strong National Defense, Accountability and Transparency, Personal Responsibility, Individual Liberty, and a Vibrant and Free Market. Our ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS are to help educate our membership and the public about issues of importance to our country, state and local governments and to support candidates for public office who represent our core values. Our Country is currently FREE, and we must keep it that way! We meet at least monthly at The Rhode Island Quahog Company Restaurant, 1065 Tower Hill Road (Rt #1 South leaving Wickford), North Kingstown, RI. Please see Events for date and time for our next planned meeting. New members are always welcome. The Patriots Groups are non-profit, non-partisan and not a PAC oriented group.

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