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VISIT OUR TEA PARTY WORKS WEBSITE FOR ORANGE-SULLIVAN TEA PARTY NEWS, EVENTS AND PATRIOT BLOGS. SEE US AT: WWW.TEAPARTYWORKS.COM Orange-Sullivan Tea Party We are THE PEOPLE. We are NOT the government. The government we elect work for us. We do NOT work for them. We are New York Americans who value American heritage, rule of law set forth by the Constitution, and the American entrepreneurial spirit. Orange-Sullivan Tea Party is a diverse group of citizens of the Hudson Valley Region, whose purpose is threefold. First, we seek to bring AWARENESS to the community through protest/rallies and community events. Second, we provide a welcoming place to EDUCATE those in our communities about the role of government and our responsibility as citizens to participate. We will do this through our monthly meetings, special speakers and seminars, and right now, through our candidate forums. Third, we promote ACTIVISM. We realize that the 9-12/Tea Party movement will falter without grassroots activity at the local level. We also realize that with real passion for America and committed activism the movement will continue to be a strong force for a return to constitutional principles. Orange-Sullivan Tea Party has proven to be an active voice in the community and state encouraging responsible leadership and citizenship through active engagement in the political process. Every year is a new election year with new candidates vying for local, state, and federal positions. These candidates are seeking the job of representing THE PEOPLE. As an act of good citizenship, THE PEOPLE must properly vet candidates and inform voters. In this way, we effect real reform.

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