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The answer is a shift in the balance of power, the world is getting smaller, and the web is the way to bring all humans together. We can not realistically change the political system, so we have to use it to our advantage. Right or Left serves only h...alf the Population. The answer is easy! It is only through knowledge, communication and our resolve as free people that we can change the world. 1st part Promote Humanity, encourage involvement and display the Greatness that humans can offer. 2nd part is a Charity exchange Online Ebay type technology to help those in need. Resource allocation. 3rd Committee Assignment Getting those in the know to submit ideas on how to solve the worlds problems. 4th Voting section People voting on the issues that matter to them. Send to congress to get approved! To bring people together to bring back hope & direction for those who want the world to be a better place. The Purpose of this initiative is to unify and focus our efforts to direct our leaders as to the solutions we need for the problems we have.... The Goal is to make a difference by bringing people together, to better manage the resources of our planet and utilize them to the fullest.

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