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My Name is Jonathan Ferron, and I am 21 years old. In October of 2009 I was elected as a delegate for the State of Massachusetts for the Continental Congress 2009. In November, I attended the 11 day conference in St. Charles Illinois. While there, I met some of the most dedicated American patriots that I have ever met in my life. After days of debates, deliberations, lectures from constitutional scholars, and gallons of coffee...We put together a blueprint of recommended civic actions that the American People can take to restore Constitutional Governance in America. We also provided written instruction to both the Federal and State Governments. The final draft of this document became known as The Articles of Freedom. Now...we just need the American People to familiarize themselves with this revolutionary document. I could also use the assistance of as many patriots as I can get, to help me raise awareness about this historical document and to assist in organizing Tea Party events to help spread this vital information across the nation. This group will serve as a contact point for any Massachusetts tea parties that could use some guidance or assistance. If these tea parties can be carried out in a synchronized fashion, they will clearly be more effective. This group will be the unofficial Headquarters for the State of Massachusetts. Let's unite this historical movement, first in Massachusetts, and eventually nationwide. Please visit the link below and review the Articles of Freedom, the nation's modern day Re-Declaration of Independence and the finished product of the Continental Congress 2009.

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