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We are the Original Morristown, NJ Tax Day Tea Party Group. We, the Morristown Tea Party Org., are a federally registered 527 NPO. We are a non-partisan, public citizens' group dedicated to supporting the U.S. Constitution and public policy that adheres to the principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited, transparent government and free markets. Insofar as all Americans must live within their financial means, so must our government. Furthermore, through our outreach and rallies, we will show people they are not alone in their frustrations about the [bad] policies coming from Washington and Trenton. Our goal is a united voice. We the People call for Real, Honest and Ethical government for the good of our children, our families, our community and our country. To that end, we pledge to Find Good Candidates, Support Good Candidates and Elect Good Candidates! Liberty and Freedom for all!

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