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Mid Shore Campaign for Liberty is a group of like-minded individuals that come from different upbringings, ages, educational history, religious backgrounds, and political affiliations. Each one of us is different, but we all share a belief in the common principles of limited government, individual liberty, sound government, non-interventionalism, and free markets. Our goal is to advance these ideas by offering education on issues of value to our fellow Mid Shore residents, to introduce them to liberty-minded candidates, and to invite them to engage in a free discussion about news events and topics that are of interest to them. We encourage you to read some of the posts and articles on our site, express your point of view in one or more of our forum discussions, and register to receive our monthly e-newsletter and notifications of upcoming Mid Shore C4L events. We look forward to working with you to help advance the cause of liberty here on the Mid Shore, so that we may do our part to restore America to the Constitutional Republic envisioned and laid out by our Founding Fathers.

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