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The Martin County Indiana Tea Party project is a joint effort by residents of our community who feel it is no longer acceptable to just sit on the sidelines while others decide the fate of our nation. Citizenship in our democratic republic brings with it the obligation to participate in the formation of government. A nation that is Of the People, By The People and For the People can not continue to exist if the people do not resist the tendencies of tyrants to take the power that is vested in the people for their own designs. We are not a political party. Rather, we come together to promote a few political concepts that we feel strongly about. We will attempt, during the 2010 elections, to learn which candidates for office share these believes and are willing to stand up for them if they are elected. It matters not to us if they call themselves Republicans, Democrats or anything else. If they share this vision of American greatness, we will support them. If they do not we will work tirelessly to defeat them. Our core beliefs around which we will determine what candidates we will support are: Fiscal Responsibility Constitutionally Limited Government Free Markets Fiscal Responsibility

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