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Libertas Solus Fidens is Latin for (Freedom only without Fear). For far too long our elected officials have operated without fear of the people who elected them to that office of power. They have stepped on the rights of American's and have put us into a financial downfall we find ourselves into today. We have allowed unchecked Politicians to corrupt us into believing they are here for our own protection and they will do what is best for us. Their time has ended, the time is here where we must stop them by electing physically responsible American's too office, not career politicians. This Group was created too: 1) Elect Physically Responsible Americans to office. 2) Bring the Government down to the size that our Founders intended it to be. 3) Restore the Constitution 4) Restore American History 5) Stop Progressive Teaching to our children. Our Group will not permit any: 1) Discriminative actions or comments towards race, gender, or religion 2) Violence of any kind. We strongly believe that Freedom is color blind. Violence is not a solution it is part of the problem. We will bring people to this movement by being peaceful and with the truth.

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