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Tea Party Patriots it is time to decide what you stand for! Samual Adams and the ?Sons of Liberty? decided, and tossed the tea in the harbor forever changing history. The Tea Party revolution that has swept our country over the last two years is a re-awakening of the Goldwater/Reagan/and Contract with America conservative giant that believes the Constitution with its checks and balances prevents an overpowering government from overwhelming a docile electorate. This conservative heritage believes that a small, limited government should live within its means and that personal innovation and responsibility should propel our free market system to continued growth and prosperity for all. Yet, that view, has been tainted by ?half patriots? that say they believe in smaller government and the conservative cause unless it infringes on my belief system in relation to group social activities. Does any government regardless of size have the right to demand behavior, demand compliance, or demand attitudes? Our freedoms are not government ordained or controlled; so, if we believe in that proposition how can we support government participation in our lives? Do we believe that besides the unalienable rights divinely given, that the government must supplement these rights with new authorized rights for education, housing, livelihood, choice, food, etc. If we believe the latter we are indeed what Samual Adams called ?half patriots? that only believe in half of a constitution and twice the government. What do you believe Tea Party Patriot? Are you a full patriot that says personal responsibility will carry us to a confidence in our ability to succeed; while caring for the misfortunate through our non-governmental social organizations? Where are you Tea Party Patriot concerning your view of the free market system that cares not for success or failure; but allows the natural course based on performance to determine that success or failure. Are you a ?half patriot? that stands strong unless it affects my life? Should my life be given a bailout from the government? Where do you stand Tea Party Patriots. Tea Party Patriots do you believe that the protection of our nation from foes foreign and domestic is the prime role of government? Or do you believe that our national sovereignty is not at stake when our borders are not secure. Are we a nation of law or are we a nation of ?half patriots? allowing for global countenance and activism to overwhelm our economy, our borders, and our lives. Samual Adams asked these same questions of his ?colonial patriots? and politicians; when they wavered, he and his ?sons of Liberty? held them all accountable. We Tea Party Patriots can do no less than truly demand limited government in all aspects of our life; demand fiscal responsibility even if it effects us; and demand that our borders are secured regardless of personal consequences. It is a certainty that the farther from 1787 we come the further from the values of the founding fathers we are. Yet we find ourselves at a crossroad; are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Amendments the guiding document of our country or not? If they are; every issue that we face today can be resolved with a constitutional justification. If they are not our founding documents; then every issue conceived by man can be brought to a governmental standard for justification and adjudication. The Founding Fathers knew that any government unchecked would become corrupted; they knew that any judiciary un-guided would become inefficient; and they knew that any governing body unbounded would become despotic. The cross checks that our founders created took each of these into account. They also took into account that powers must be enumerated and controlled. Individual groups might have individual views and the states were created to accommodate these views. Yet over the past 100 years a growing movement has decided that this structure is not right. They have decided that change can be made without the consent of the governed and have brought us to our current precipice. Which do you support ? A limited controlled government with checks and balances to protect ?we the people? or a despotic government that ?knows better? than ?we the people?. Its a simple task learn the constitution, read the Federalist papers, understand their thinking; or cede the right of decision to those who wish to make things ?better? for you. Do you want to give away personal responsibility to governmental bureaucracies who make decisions based on their view of the greater good. Its really very simple we dont have to reinvent the wheel. We have to reinvent ourselves! What were we? What are we? What do we want to be? Its your choice.

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Grace Covenant Church 3111 North Main Las Cruces, New Mexico

Meeting Schedule

We meet the 2nd and 4th thursday of each month at 7:00 PM


27 Narch Meeting Please join us and bring your friends to view Hillsdale College’s presentation on America as a World Power, then join in a spirited discussion on the content. We will then have a presentation reviewing Agenda 21 it’s genesis, who wrote it, why, and the results for our country and our community. The discussions under the “New Liberty Tree” and resolutions all us to be part of the fix rather than just a viewer of the action. Please join us!

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