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I recently joined this site and saw that the 2 groups already created for my area were largely inactive in the recent past. I came here hoping to find others that feel the way that I do. I am looking for people who look around them and do not like what they see happening in our great country. Our government is supporting people who are too lazy to provide for themselves, giving way too much of our money to the government, allowing anyone to stroll in over our borders and make use of our social programs, worrying more about spending money in foreign countries than on our own infrastructure and industry, and just generally walking all over the Constitution and the ideas and ideals that our founders had in mind when they built this nation. Honestly, at the moment, I am not sure what I, or we, can do to stem the deterioration of our land but I am hoping that people like us forming groups like this will be the first step in the right direction.

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