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I want to form a group in Houston County Georgia. I was the GOP party chairman in Houston for two terms back in 1998-2002. I had served in the party for 18 years since 1984. I have been removed form the local party since we provided a grassroots effort to elect a Republican Governor from Houston County. Once he was elected the party started to change so much I had to get out. The blue bloods we see now all throughout the GOP surfaced here and made the party stink like it does now. So we need to take the party back and fill it with real Americans not just those that are political posturers. I simply want to rally the cause from another direction and storm the GOP with a conservative wave like they have never seen. I am trying to birth something here. I have not solicited any help or coordinators to date. I am simply at the first hase of trying to bring about real hope and change. Not the fluffy kind we have witness that is destroying the fabric of our Nation.

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