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DISBANDED - Highway 30 Tea Party Patriots

We are Fiscal and Social Conservatives for Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets. Overview: We are a subset of Jefferson County Tea Party Our TP is reaching out to northern Jefferson County along the Highway 30 corridor, and surrounding towns, looking for a Tea Party home. We recognize the strength of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level." Our Mission: --To continue the fight for the American values that made this country great. --Hold the government to the standers of our forefathers. --Keep government in its place and out of the hands of the liberals who look to change the foundation of this great land. To accomplish this: --We will be a hands on group with action as our driving force. --Through action, we will show the Tea Party as a force for good. --We will communicate that we are a group that says we are average Americans that want a better way for our country.

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This group has been disbanded.

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