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The Hernando County Tea Party (HCTP) organization is a politically independent, regionally autonomous, and sovereign grassroots entity which was founded by Floridians for Floridians for the purpose of restoring constitutional governance by way of first restoring the Republic of Floridas power and States Rights. The HCTP was founded on Friday - March 12, 2010 to help prevent the passage of the Marxist Obamacare. Our sole purpose is to Organize, Educate, and Mobilize the tax payers of Hernando County into a united front to take back our government. We seek to unite Hernandoians who believe the Federal Government has grossly abused its authority and has illegally usurped powers that it was never meant to possess. Like a cancer, the corruption of the Federal Government has spread to every level of government from the top down. Thanks to this trickle down culture of corruption it has lead to fiscal irresponsibility through over-spending, bailouts and excessive taxation which has become the status quo in Hernando County government. The HCTP is a sovereign and independent Tea Party organization aligned solely with the principles and intent of the founding fathers of the American Republic. Whereas, we the HCTP, strongly oppose the Marxist-Progressives that have hijacked and currently run the Democrat Party; and the equally corrupt Hamiltonian-RINO's that are currently controlling the Republican Party and are running it into the ground. The HCTP is not affiliated with any political party, political candidate or political action committee (PAC), we are a pure grass roots organization that was founded and is currently governed by the taxpayers of Hernando County, Florida. Whereas, we do not answer to any political party or PAC group and as such we are strictly forbidden by our Charter from endorsing or promoting any candidates that have not originated from the Tea Party Movement. The HCTP is dedicated towards removing all corrupt politicians from public office regardless of their political affiliation and preventing any new corrupt or lame duck candidates from getting into office. George Washington warned the American people not to trust political parties in his farewell address and as such neither do we. If you seek to retake America and save it from the dustbin of history then please join us before it's too late.

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