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Grays Harbor Tea Party Patriots

The Grays Harbor Tea Party Patriots is a grassroots volunteer association of everyday Americans from across the Harbor, united by our shared core values of Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets. Our mission is: 1) To unite like-minded individuals; 2) To educate, inform and empower others based on our core values; and 3)To secure public policy consistent with those values. We recognize the strength and agility of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at the local level.

Meeting Location

Community Room (Near food court) South Shore Mall 1017 s. Boone St. Aberdeen, WA. 98520

Meeting Schedule

Meets last Monday evening of the month unless it is a holiday, then we meet the previous Monday. Door opens 6 PM - meeting starts 6:30 PM .


Open to all who wish to attend.

Contact Info

We are constantly updating this information regarding our local groups around the country. Be assured that we are working to correct any outdated or incorrect information

Calls to Action

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