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The Franklin County TEA Party was originally organized as a loose group of grassroots conservatives who were interested in bringing to light the decidedly wrong direction that the country is heading and educating the public about some of the issues that were currently before us. While having TEA Parties, something we will continue to do, is great - we asked ourselves what difference we were really making. Were we creating positive changes in our community? Were we educating people about the founding of this nation. While we were educating people, were we providing those people with direction? Did we focus on the steps required to fix those problems and help people to take those steps? We don't think so. Complaining about the troubles of our community and nation are not enough. If we identify a problem, we, the TEA Party, should be prepared to offer you a voice in Government. We should not only identify the problems, but offer solutions and help our friends, family and neighbors to make that change happen. That is our goal.

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