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The Franklin County Patriots is an organization of concerned citizens, residing in the Franklin County Missouri region. We believe in fiscal responsibility and smaller government. Our objective is serve as a means to educate, motivate, and cooperate toward a more informed and influential electorate. For far too long the direction and decisions that affect our lives and families have been left to professional politicians. The answer to the serious concerns of our country is not found in higher taxes and bigger government. We are not affiliated with, nor promoters of, a political party. Rather we believe our countrys greatness is found in the same principles and policies that guided our Founders. We cannot afford to abandon those landmarks and our national sovereignty for the sake of the international community. There is a definite stirring among grass roots Americans toward activism and political integrity. We are anticipating enthusiastic support and participation from the value driven electorate in Franklin County. Please visit our web page often for updates, articles, and information related to our role as citizens. For a better America,

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