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The Fayette County Tea Party is an organization of like-minded Fayette County citizens who value limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal prudence. We have moved far beyond the meet, greet, & discussion activities that predominate some grass roots movements. Our members include former county commissioners & chairmen, county political party officers, former military officers, teachers, soccor moms, and others who are used to setting goals and working hard to achieve them. We are not special interests with speculative or investment holdings. We are involved with our communities, but do not sit on the boards of banks. We have roots in Fayette County and raise our families here. We do not expect perfection from elected officials, but we do not tolerate their deliberate mis-deeds. We attend & speak at County Commission and Board of Education meetings, submit open records requests, and write letters to the editor. A commissioner's criminal behavior spurred members to lodge a formal ethics complaint and file a recall campaign with the GA State Ethics Commission to remove him from office. We actively support candidates who will perpetuate our values. Contact: Bob Ross

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