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The purpose of this group is to raise the consciousness of the people of Dutchess County as to our Constitutional Crisis and offer a solution through education and activism. Thomas Jefferson said: How can a people who have struggled long years under oppression throw off their oppressors and establish a free society? The problems are immense, but their solution lies in the education and enlightenment of the people and the emergence of a spirit that will serve as a foundation for independence and self-government. Ron Paul said: ?truth is treason in the empire of lies". Those of us who have awakened have discovered that Washington has [long time] been an empire of lies, an empire of propaganda since at least the 1930s. Our founding fathers were very much aware of the world wide conspiracy to enslave men, and have given us the tools to defeat them. They are the Constitution and their writings. So, if you believe that saving the Constitution is worth a few hours of your time a month, now is the time to stand up [while we still can] and be counted, too many people are assuming others will do it so they dont have to, not so! Help save the Constitution now! Because tomorrow will be too late! Please dont wait until your children ask you why! To help us Take Back the Republic join our National group > Read the Constitution here > "We can rebuild America and reinstate the Republic that the Founding Fathers envisioned". - Ron Paul ?

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