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The members of the Coon Rapids Tea Party are a local group of neighbors and friends working together to ensure our representatives hear our views and represent our interests. We are a non-partisan group primarily focused on holding our elected officials responsible to the ideals that we are all created equal, endowed with unalienable rights, and that the government derives its power from the consent of the people. Too often it seems career politicians from both parties have forgotten these truths. Republicans and Democrats often seem to put their parties? interests ahead of the peoples. Both parties are responsible for the run away debt that?s endangering our economic future and neither party seems serious about changing course. The Federal Government has over stepped the limits placed on its powers by the Constitution and taken over many responsibilities best left to the states. Centralized power and planning has created a huge bureaucracy that encourages corruption and stifles innovation, creativity, and liberty. It's time to turn the tide and working together we can make it happen. We expect government to work within a budget the people can afford; to adhere to the original meaning of the Constitution; to allow the free market to work without undue interference; to keep taxes low so people have the means to invest in their future; to maintain a strong defense and protect our borders; and to support the value of family and life. We hope you'll join with us! United we can make a difference and keep our country great for future generations!! God Bless America!

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