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CONSERVATIVE PARTY USA July 2010 ? New Orleans, Louisiana National Platform Plank ? Voted Positions annotated with a double asterisk (**) have been approved by the Board of Directors and are unofficial Planks pending a formal vote on a motion to adopt them by the party delegates at the Conservative Party USA 2014 Convention. PREAMBLE The Conservative Party firmly embraces in the concept of American Exceptionalism. America is a country of a distinguished founding, unique historical experience and has a grand path to the future. We also believe the United States has contributed more to the political, economic and financial betterment of the human condition than any previous collection. Our Party?s Platform reflects this belief. OFFICIAL PLATFORM * *Gun Control and Second Amendment The Conservative Party strongly supports the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution which stipulates that a well regulated Militia is necessary for the security a free State and that the rights of all law-abiding U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. CP-USA further understands the right to bear arms is inherent in the right to individual self defense, the defense of the family, protection of private property and the preservation of traditional hunting rights. The 2nd Amendment was also designed to protect the people against the tyranny of the federal government and to help preserve the independence of this nation. Federal Government Must Enforce Current Immigration Laws The U.S. Government shall use all legal means under current Federal Law(s) to protect our borders, halt illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens who are caught and fully prosecute companies that knowingly hire them. No federal or state funds should be used to provide health care (except in cases of emergency), social services and education benefits for illegal aliens or their children. Safe haven cities should lose Federal funding and be prosecuted. Illegal aliens shall not be granted drivers licenses nor have the right to vote in any local, state or federal elections. Repeal Health Care Reform Bill of 2010 Support candidates and legislation that help repeal the Health Care Reform Bill of 2010, AKA ?ObamaCare?. Support federal lawsuits promulgated by State Attorneys General to halt implementation of said Bill. Comprehensive Health Care Solutions Health Care solutions must include Tort Reform that limits liability for pain and suffering. This cuts malpractice premiums and reduces the cost of needless ?Defensive? tests. The law should allow posting of local prescription drug prices on the Internet so that people can shop for the lowest price. The Law must also allow: individuals and small businesses to purchase health/dental insurance across state and regional lines; encourage the medical industry to digitize medical records to reduce paperwork related costs; eliminate the Anti-Trust exemptions for Health Insurance companies which currently allow them to collude in setting prices and coverage. Adopt a Fiscally Responsible Monetary Policy The U.S. Government must adopt monetary policies that reverse our nation?s headlong descent into unsustainable debt, ongoing fiscal irresponsibility and progressive slide into de facto socialism. These policies should include auditing the Federal Reserve Bank to increase its financial transparency. Promote Economic Prosperity America should adopt measures to help revive and sustain economic vitality. A. Tax Credits, Incentives and Penalties. Congress should: enact Payroll Tax credits for small businesses to spur growth; provide U.S. multi-national corporations with tax credits for hiring U.S. citizens to work in America; impose tax penalties for every American job sent off-shore. B. Stop Off-Shoring Jobs. We encourage American multi-national corporations to stop sending jobs offshore. We should also encourage Shareholders and Boards of Directors to help sustain the U.S. economy by halting this short-sighted practice by building more manufacturing plants and Call Centers in America. C. ?Buy American?. We encourage the American public to do its part in sustaining the U.S. economy by purchasing products ?Made in America? whenever possible. They should also encourage stores to stock American made products. A ?Buy American? initiative will help U.S. companies create jobs in America. The United States must adopt a comprehensive Energy Policy This policy should be driven by private industry to include: wind; hydro power; clean coal technologies; solar; domestic and offshore oil drilling (including ANWAR); new forward looking technologies; and realistic, economically viable conservation programs. Nuclear power is a viable option and should be encouraged when using new technologies and environmentally feasible disposal systems for spent fuel. Enact Reciprocal Trade Laws International Free Trade is only good if it is Fair Trade when all countries conduct such trade by the same rules. The U.S. trade deficit sends much of America?s wealth to foreign countries since many of them engage in unfair unilateral trade practices that include adding numerous Tariffs, Port of Entry Taxes and Import Duties on American products. Congress should enact laws that Reciprocates (Copies) those fees on products from each country that exports to the U.S. This will level the playing field since countries will then pay the same fees imposed on U.S. products. End Automatic Congressional Cost of Living Increases Congress should amend the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 to remove the automatic Cost of Living (COLA) pay increases for Congress. In order for Congress to initiate pay increase they must bring a Bill to the floor for a majority vote and the pay increase will not take effect until the next Congress. Require a Balanced Budget Require Congress to enact a Balanced Budget annually except in times of war or National emergency U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the Land The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the land and shall be taken literally. Our rights are natural rights and are given to us by our Creator that no man can take away. All laws infringing on these rights must be repealed. All treaties that impose International Law on Americans which usurp the Constitution or Bill of Rights must be revoked. Write Bills Plain, Common Sense English Important legislation can be written in comprehensive language, as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights clearly demonstrate. All Bills enacted by Congress must be written in plain, common-sense English prose that is comprehensive and understandable by citizens. Reject all Forms of Affirmative Action Affirmative Action based on race, gender or ethnicity must be banned at all levels of education and employment. This act of soft tyranny engenders latent hostility between and among ethnic groups and encourages the cultural ?Balkanization? of America. It also lends de facto support for the unsound concept that certain minorities are incapable of advancement without institutional intervention. Eliminate the Federal Government?s Power to Charter Organizations Eliminate the Federal government?s powers to charter organizations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. Government Employees Should Not be Unionized Unions have created a divisive dynamic within government agencies which should be accountable to the people alone. A government of the people, by the people and for the people should not be compromised by special interests. No Automatic Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants Support the ?Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009? (H.R.1868) that rejects the concept of giving automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens who are born within U.S. borders. Life Begins at Conception and Ends at Natural Death Human life is nature?s continuum which begins at fertilization and is not interrupted until natural death. Constitutional personhood is the secular legal definition of the continuum of life. It is a law of logic that contradictory statements cannot be true at the same time. If nature?s continuum of life is true, then the secular continuum of life must also be true because if the secular continuum of life contradicts nature?s continuum of life, one is false. Make English the Official Language of the United States English should be the official language of the United States. Individual States and Congress should enact laws that reflect that principle with exceptions for State Department, U.S. Immigration office functions and international ports/airports. Congress must mandate that all language in the public domain must be English and other language forms in the public domain should cease under penalty of the law. This does not restrict the rights of States to print materials in other languages as they deem necessary. While it may appear to be a civic gesture of good will, giving foreign languages equal status with English results in eroding the unique culture of our country. The United States was, is and must always remain an English speaking country. Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman That true marriage is only between one man and one woman. Support a Constitutional Amendment that would outlaw gay marriage. Support the current Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that allows any state to not recognize the same-sex marriage license issued by another state. Carry Weapons on Military Bases The United States military should allow military personnel to carry firearms while on base. The 1993 Clinton ban should be lifted so that soldiers can be prepared to defend themselves at any time. United States should Secede From the United Nations The U.S. should secede from United Nations and remove it from American soil. Foreign powers have conspired against the United States, the Constitution, its sovereignty and its people.

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