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" We The People of the Untied States, in order to form a More Perfect Union..." Our Mission: The mission of Conservative Catalysts is to help to form a more perfect union by bringing small business owners, employees and their supporters together around a set of core American values. Why I Started This Group: I think that it is important that republicans and tea party members find some common ground in a more formal way, so I started this organization. I also believe that, like the founders of our country, many of whom were small business owners, that the small business community needs to have its own voice and be supported. It is good to remember that it is small business owners who take the RISKS to start businesses and produce the jobs, wealth and most of the blessings in our society. With Gods help I have produced a plan to grow this organization and now need motivated small business owners, their employees and supporters to help. If you are serious about wanting to take back our business community, our govenrment and gain control over our lives, then Conservative Catalysts will probably be a good fit for you.

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