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I would like to extend the invitation to all people in the area in, and surrounding, Covington County to join the new Tea Party Group ? The Tea Party Patriots ? Common Sense Group. The ?Registration? is at the top of the page. I urge all of you who believe you have had enough, to join. All are welcome. We only differentiate ourselves from the existing Covington County TPP in what we believe is a more open manner ? our goals are the same and dual membership is welcome as well. Others who are outside the immediate area but are not involved in a TPP movement are equally welcome to join us ? there are no geographical borders to patriotic conservatism. We will try to publish links to current critical articles and essays. Everyone has an opinion and it is a forum to let it be known to fellow TPP members. We will have a core organizational meeting in the very near future. It is therefore, very important that you who are not involved in leadership at other member groups and wish to, enroll now. To join us just go to the top of the Common Sense Patriots home page and register if already registered go to organizers name and click the link and join us. Meeting date and time: July 10, 2010 at 3:00 PM Meeting Place: Casa Del Rio Address: 27116 Bush Isle Road, Andalusia, AL RSVP: (334) 239-2156 Ron or Carol RSVP is requested to assure ?seating?.

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