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I decided to start this group when I realized that residents in Chino have no Tea Party Group. The purpose is to find like-minded conservatives to have representation and a forum to express their frustration and find the means to voice out their frustrations and their anger in the way politicians are handling this great state and country that we are so proud of. We must act now and let our voices be heard. It starts in your local community. It starts with our local politicians from the School Board, to the City Council, to the State, and Federal Government. Those who believe that they have been silenced and those who believe our politicians are failing us should get together and organize to save this country and its people. Join us! You will be able to help this startup group find its mission and goals. Our first meeting will be on May 8 at 4:30 pm. We are going to get a group together to meet with other Tea Party organizers who are willing to help. If you are ready to make your voice heard, contact me at (909) 731-6101.

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