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MISSION STATEMENT The Chattanooga Tea Party is a grassroots-initiated outcry against the deliberate, irresponsible, and unconstitutional fiscal policies resulting from the growth of our Federal Governments size and power. WE BELIEVE that, according to the United States Constitution, the Federal Government is an entity established to serve the people, WE BELIEVE that our elected officials have, in general, supported irresponsible fiscal policies by abusing their power, WE BELIEVE that our elected officials should not vote on legislation that has not been thoroughly read, WE BELIEVE that its high time for a balanced budget, AND WE BELIEVE that any politician who chooses to ignore our collective voice should be held accountable at the ballot box. As the Chattanooga Tea Party, we stand united in these beliefs, no longer as the Silent Majority, but as a contingent of THE PEOPLE, saying, ?ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

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