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Calvin Coolidge Tea Party, named after the former Mayor of Northampton, Governor of Massachusetts and our 30th President. Calvin Coolidge possessed a practical understanding that a complex and large government restricts personal liberty. Nicknamed "Silent Cal" for his quiet, steadfast and frugal nature, he cleaned up the rampant corruption of the Harding administration providing a model of stability and respectability for the American people. We believe President Coolidge was a true New England patriot worthy of a Tea Party in his name. It is healthy to question everything. We can not trust other to others to ask hard questions. Politicians want to be elected, the talking heads want ratings, and the news media is controlled by handful of elites. A Tea Party is made of concerned citizens asking hard questions. Our goal is to express Calvin Coolidge ideals of limited government spending, reducing government debt, and preserving individual liberty. If you are concerned about: Reducing government debt Preserving personal liberties Honoring the Constitution Respecting the need for local farms Please visit our website for more info and events.

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