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Bobby Alm here. Wrote this little 3-page letter to my hometown for 2012: Lets do this. Weve got to live here if we want to do the American Dream, so lets make the best of it. What do we control? Government. Our voting styluses, and the brains behind the voting styluses. Hello... this is America. The power comes from the people and goes to the government, not vice versa. Breaking News Flash for you: Washington doesnt represent you any more. Trust me, 90% plus sold out long ago to highest bidder. That was just the culture in Washington. Understandingly refrain from tar and feathers or guillotines, and just vote them out like civilized citizens. And vote me in. Why? Because I get it. Because I want to motivate you to vote. Because I want to motivate you to vote by education in the candidates... True story. Candidates should be educated? Yes, they should be. On 6 Issues... 1. budget & deficit problem My Personal Goal: Preserve the dollars value, or else implement a working free-market driven currency. Preserve the national currency so we have a something to work hard for and something to pay with. Stable Currency. 2. homeland security My Personal Goal: Strike a balance between harassing old ladies at the airport and getting nuked by jihadists. Protect secure borders at all costs, through ample ?Priority 1? defense spending. Priority 1 Defense. 3. energy crisis My Personal Goal: USA is completely independent of foreign oil in 8 years. Trim oil-interest-driven decision making in the House of Representatives. Repeal all regulation of safe free energy generation/distribution/utilization, implementing advanced energy technology swapping through Responsible Release. Responsibly Release restrictions on advanced technology to prevent monopolies from operating against the voter-consumers interests.? Responsible Release. 4. the economy My Personal Goal: Maximum jobs, minimum death & taxes. Flat 10 percent income tax on personal federal taxes. Trim entitlements and bureaucracy to accommodate. Improve efficiency of calculation and collection, reducing total economic waste as businesses calculate and government collects. Maximum Jobs, Minimum Death & Taxes. 5. education reform My Personal Goal: Get a consensus on what to teach the kids, from the parents, on a Federal Level, and teach that to them in the public schools, free from dogmatic or corporate-funded mind control. Raise Free Children. 6. healthcare dilemma My Personal Goal: Full responsibility on each individual to provide for his/her long-term health. Government can and should provide short-term services to a point. Full Personal Health Responsibility. 7. you tell me My Personal Goal: Collect so much feedback that I am the best Representative of his voters in the United States of America. You can submit feedback here and I will read it: Quick smear tactic (I know Ill get smeared as much as possible by the establishments biased media sellouts): Who runs for office? Are your politicians seeking ?contributions? in any form, at the expense of helping the general public? Well I wont. I for one can make money on my own just fine without going into government... IF the government would just hold a stable currency, and stop screwing things up. If you know me, you know I like to read, write, draw, watch movies, go out, listen to music, lift weights, play rock shows on drums, surf, and just play around. Simplicity is enlightenment. Enjoy your life, and help me preserve our enjoyment together. You only get to live forever once. As an offspring of California, I quote Dexter Holland of the Offspring: ?This is life... What a nightmare come true... Or a playground if we choose. And I choose...? We control our own countrys destiny through the Constitution from the Founders, by voting. Vote Bobby Alm, Republican, for 52nd congressional district, to the US House of Representatives, in 2012. Thanks for your time, ~Bobby Alm

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