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Well, were no military force. What we are is a group of ordinary, hard working, hunting, fishing, law abiding, good natured, and family oriented people. We love gasoline, bbq's, and red meat, hate CFL's, and negative talk about the 2nd Amendment is fightin words. We walk proud and talk loud, America is Great! Where are we from? Hank Jr. said it best, "we're from north california to south alabam, and little towns all around this land." We are the greatest country the world has known! We have done more good for the world than any nation in the history of the planet. We should not be trying to take a step back and emulate lesser socialist countries! We are leaders, lets lead. We believe in Common Sense and "may the best man win". We will give you a hand up but don't expect a handout. The government is wastful and inneficient, it is best kept out of our lives. We are sick and tired of over reaching, lying, be-littling, life long politicians. Term Limits are necessary. Also, before you vote on a bill would you do us a small courtesy? READ IT!! Having an IVY league degree does not make you intelligent. Making the right choices does. I'm confused is it Global Warming, Climate Change, Global Cooling?? Nobody knows for sure, but they know that whatever we are doing is bad...and your punishment will be a big serving of TAX...LOL. Did we mention we love our 2nd Amendment rights! Guns don't kill people, people do. Can you please make a more effective law to outlaw them? Our 2nd Amendment right is crucial, for without it there would be no other rights. Our rights "Shall not be infringed." PERIOD. We love immigration, LEGAL. Until you are legal you get no Constitutional Rights or public assistance period! Also, if anyone violates your civil rights they get to lose theirs. The ACLU needs an overhaul. Abortion should not be a form of birth control! Planned Parenthood you need an overhaul too. Prolonged welfare doesn't rescue, it steals dignity and forces dependency. My family is sacred, I am the leader, authority, and caregiver. Not the government. Converse with those who disagree. Even if they do not agree, a seed of doubt within them may take root. Accountability is essential to liberty and freedom, we are responsible for our actions, our glory and failures are our own. We are tired of the "It's not our fault" mentality. Take ownership, be accountable! The victim mentality is for losers, feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere. Oil, big business, pharmaceutical, and profits are not villains. The people trying to villianize these things ARE! The current administration needs to drop the scare tactics, I understand this is a way to get your legislation pushed through. It is wrong and unethical though. Keep raising our taxes and you will be wishing we were still having Tea Parties! You and I have the right to keep whatever we earn, this is not selfish. Selfish is the person doing nothing to collect it. Laws are not meant to be empathetic, laws are meant to be blind. Pedofiles can not be rehabilitated, they can be hung though. There isn't much worse than an "actor/activist". This is where the saying "A little bit of knowledge is dangerous" comes from. If hollywood wants socialism, fine. Let's take all of their earnings and give it to people who really deserve it. OUR TROOPS! For their is no one more deserving. We are all equal. No government program or special interest group will make it happen. We all have the opportunity to wealth and happiness. For some the path to wealth and happiness will be more difficult than others, this is just how life works - don't give up. This country was founded on Christianity, leave it alone. If you don't like our opinions that's fine, trying to shove your opinions on to us is NOT fine. If in some way you are offended by the sight of Baby Jesus in a Manger, well I'm sorry, actually I'm not, if that offends you that's just funny...get some thicker skin..LOL

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