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We the Bergen County Tea Party, also known as the New Jersey Tea Party Coalition, an association of public citizens from the State of New Jersey, are dedicated to supporting the principles within our Nations foundational documents and public policy that adheres to those principles, including but not limited to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are expressed in the forms of personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government and free markets. Insofar as all Americans must live within their financial means, so must our government and we further believe that those means must not exceed the bounds enumerated within our Constitution. Furthermore, through our outreach and rallies, it is our objective to empower our fellow citizens by showing them they are not alone in their frustrations about the bad policies coming from Washington and Trenton. Our goal is to unite Patriots throughout New Jersey in order to speak with a single and powerful voice that will enable us to preserve and restore our Constitutional government which was designed of and for the People. We the people of New Jersey and these United States call for Real, Honest and Ethical government in order to protect and preserve the liberties and prosperity of our children, our families, our community and our country. Check out our main page - NJ Tea Party Coalition

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