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From its inception, Bend Tea Party has been one of Oregon's largest, most effective conservative activist organizations. In late February 2009, Conservatives across America sensed something had gone horribly wrong with our government. Our newly elected administration spoke of "spreading the wealth", nationalizing banks and industries and hijacking the assets of one group of citizens to deliver entitlements to another. Rick Santelli of cable's CNBC gave the movement a name when he expressed outrage over the new administration's spending plans, calling for a new "Tea Party" revolution in America! April 15th 2009, Bend Tea Party hosted a gathering of conservatives. With lofty expectations of a great turnout, Bend Tea Party founders requested a city permit for up to 60 attendees. Later that day it was estimated between 1,500 and 1,800 Americans appeared in downtown Bend, Oregon! It was the beginning of Bend Tea Party's plans began to "Take Back America!" Bend Tea Party 541-350-6789

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