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Greene County (Ohio) TEA Party The Greene County TEA Party (GCTP) is now formed in Greene County, Ohio, as a subchapter of the Dayton Tea Party LLC. The Dayton Tea Party is a taxable, non-profit corporation. Reflecting the acronym of TEA: Totally Engaged Americans, the GCTP is a serviced-oriented, member-run organization with the mission to educate, influence, mobilize, and motivate citizens of our community to preserve their freedom and liberty and to exercise their responsibility, as American citizens, to take an active, assertive role in the governance of their communities, state, and nation. The GCTP emphasizes these five core values: ◾Protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law, ◾Promoting limited, effective, and transparent local, state, and federal governments, ◾Promoting personal and governmental fiscal responsibility, ◾Promoting the free market system, and ◾Assuring the integrity, transparency, and accountability of all appointed and elected government officials.

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At locations in Greene County.

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