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Have you had enough? Are you tired of a "jobless recovery", bad economy, losing the value of your savings, an unresponsive, out-of-control government, trillion after trillion in debt to China and America's decline in prestige, wealth and power? We are too. We are the Bayshore Tea Party Group; part of the nationwide, grassroots Tea Party movement. Our mission is simple: * Limited Government * Fiscal Responsibility * Free Markets We will not stand idly by while the government continues to devalue our dollar, demonize success, destroy our Constitution, marginalize the majority of citizens, increase our dependence on foreign countries, and impose huge, unfunded mandates on our states which increase our skyrocketing taxes even more. We are taking action to improve our state government as well, spearheading several initiatives including candidate selection, issue advocacy, education and redistricting. Take action to restore our Republic. Join us today. Visit Our Heaquarters: 275 Route 35 North, Red Bank/Middletown, NJ 07701 **********God Bless America**********

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