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Augusta and the entire Central Savannah River Area including our friends in South Carolina has joined the "Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Organization!" To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow the link below: Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Building upon the success of the April 15th, 2009 Rally at the River-Walk we are planning events on September 12th in association with Glenn Beck's The 9/12 Project/Coalition and November 3rd (Obama's election anniversary . These protests are known as Tea Party rallies. Our goal with this website is to try and help pull a lot of the Tea Party event organization in to one easy to navigate and user friendly place on the web. We learned, after much feedback, that one of the biggest frustrations was the difficulty in finding information. Our hope is that this website will solve a lot of these problems. "POWERS TO THE PEOPLE" and NewsRadio1230 will have more information about the Augusta National Tax Day Tea Party brought to you by The Columbia County Young Republicans posted on and NewsRadio1230 and the Columbia County Young Republicans facebook pages and websites as soon as arrangements are finalized. Keep listening to NewsRadio1230 AM on the air and streaming online at http://www.newsradio1230 for details. Join The Columbia County Young Republicans, Aiken County Republican Party, "Powers to the People" and NewsRadio1230 and become a part of these huge events to show our determination for lower taxes, stopping the "Cap and Trade" or "Cap and Tax initiative as well as the Government National Health Care "Takeover" and repeal of the "stimulus" bill and a stop to the out of control spending and taxing. Join us and stand up for our Constitution and the things our forefathers fought and died for, a commitment to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

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