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Arkansas Valley Tea Party Patriots - La Junta Colorado

Covering Otero, Bent, and Crowley counties. website =

Meeting Location

Jodi's Grill 208 Santa Fe Ave La Junta, CO

Meeting Schedule

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month


Join us for a 5th Anniversary Liberty Event The plan is to demonstrate a show of force that Liberty groups such as the Tea Party, 9/12 groups and gun support groups still exist and we are not going away! There is no seating, if anyone needs to sit, bring your own lawn chair. You probably need to bring water as well. We suggest you bring a brown bag lunch as well. Let's come together with like-mindedness to defend our Constitutional Liberties, especially our second amendment rights, which defends all the rest of our rights. We will reaffirm our Constitutional Oaths together. Golden Guardian/Patriot Park, 230 S McCulloch Blvd, Pueblo West, CO 11:00 AM April 19, 2014

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